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Being fearful to do one thing or the other has been a common block for one not to pursue their dreams. We tend to put ourselves in comfortable places that help us feel safe and not intimidated. To experience life through our best ability, leaving your comfort zone is a crucial step.

Now, I do not mean jumping off cliffs, going skydiving or anything of that sort. I mean those life experiences and opportunities we could partake in, and yet still said no.

The most beautiful things happen when you take that leap of faith, the one that no one expected you to make but you had courage in yourself to do so.

The fact is that you deserve a fantastic and breathe taking life. A life that makes you smile, cry and feel overwhelmed with emotions because it is just that good. I find that the decisions we choose not to make because of our anxiety would have been some of the best of your life.

You will never know the outcome of a chance you take unless you take it. On a more personal level, I have put myself in situations where I could have backed down and not done something because I was scared of the outcome, but every time I proved myself wrong. This exact article is an example of me making myself feel uncomfortable but wholeheartedly loving it. I found myself wondering since the beginning of this school year if I was going to apply and write for The Odyssey Online. Fast forward almost nine months later, and I would not want to be doing anything else but writing this article.

So do it. Apply to that school or job you wanted, tell the one you love that it is them you want to be with, go on adventures and do all you have dreamed of because life is way too short not to take the opportunity and gain the memories that will mold you.

Coming from someone who is terrified of the uncertainty life can throw at us, all I can say is that it is worth it. Although you may not know the outcome sometimes, the trials and tribulations that lead you to know you did your hardest in living the life you deserve teach you to appreciate the great things in life. Whether the result is what you expected or not, it is your life and your experiences, and you can dictate what that means to you.

Originally Published: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/power-stepping-out-comfort-zone